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Fremont CA, 94539
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Zabiha Restaurant

Indian Cuisine is thousands of years old. Over these thousands of years it has accepted and amalgamated many other influences. The most prominent and lasting of all the influences was the THE MOGHUL-MUSLIM INFLUENCE.. It culminated into a cuisine with unfathomably deep rooted traditional food with intoxicating aroma, pretty and pleasing presentation and lip-smacking taste.
At Zabiha Restaurant we strive to serve our patrons with delicious dishes made with best and fresh ingredients all prepared fresh onsite. We serve ONLY HALAL( HAND SLAUGHTERED MEATS) THERE IS NO PORK OR PORCINE PRODUCT USED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. THERE IS NO ALCOHOL OR ALCOHOLIC PRODUCT USED OR SERVED IN OUR RESTAURANT.Our goal is to provide our patrons with a culinary experience that is authentic, aesthetic and ecstatic with friendly service in a family style Restaurant..

Warm Springs Plaza
46465 Mission Blvd. # 820
Fremont, CA 94539
Ph: (510) 683-6134